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(978) 835-5906

Massachusetts & New Hampshire Exclusive Buyer Agents


Bruce Murray

Office: Woburn, MA / Lexington, MA


Email: bmurray@buyersbrokersonly.com

Lexington, MA Real Estate Buyer Agent Bruce Murray

Otto Iglesias 
Office: Boston / South Shore
Mobile: 857-268-1025

Boston Area Realtor Otto Iglesias

Thomas Souza 
Office: Falmouth, MA
Mobile: 508-280-5508

Falmouth, MA buyer agent Tom Souza

Benjamin Henthorne 
Office: Fall River, MA
Mobile: 774-255-3775
Email: bhenthorne@buyersbrokersonly.com

Fall River, MA Realtor Ben Henthorne

David Pearlman 

Office: Brookline, MA

Mobile: 617-390-4470

Email: dpearlman@buyersbrokersonly.com

Brookline, MA Realtor David Pearlman

Jonathan Lang

Office: Haverhill, MA

Mobile: 978-228-5959

Email: jlang@buyersbrokersonly.com

Haverhill, MA Realtor Jonathan Lang

Erin Semcken 
Office: Plymouth, MA
Mobile: 857-928-2533

Plymouth, MA real estate buyer agent Erin Semcken

Andrew McKinney 

Office: Boston (South End)

Mobile: 617-501-0233

Email: amckinney@buyersbrokersonly.com

Boston buyer agent Andrew McKinney

Anya Kennedy 
Office: Billerica, MA
Mobile: 617-448-9707
Email: akennedy@buyersbrokersonly.com

Billerica, MA Real Estate Buyer Agent Anya Kennedy

Larry Sinclair 

Office: Bridgewater, MA

Mobile: 617-835-8719


Bridgewater, MA Buyer Agent Larry Sinclair

Susie Moniz 

Office: Salem, MA

Mobile: 617-697-4972


Lynn, MA buyer agent Susie Moniz

Rebekah Montague 

Office: Dunstable, MA

Mobile: 978-387-5325


Dunstable, MA buyer agent Rebekah Montague

Richard Rosa

Office: Haverhill, MA

Mobile: 978-835-5906


Haverhill, MA buyer agent Rich Rosa

Heather Leavitt-Soni 

Office: Wilmington, MA

Mobile: 978-604-4169

Email: hleavittsoni@buyersbrokersonly.com

Wilmington, MA real estate buyer agent Heather Leavitt-Soni

Catherine Taylor 
Office: Holden, MA
Mobile: 508-308-6887
Email: ctaylor@buyersbrokersonly.com

Holden, MA Realtor Catherine Taylor

Jeff Goodwin 

Office: Shrewsbury, MA

Mobile: 508-713-5816


Shrewsbury, MA real estate buyer agent Jeff Goodwin

Femion Mezini 
Office: Needham, MA
Mobile: 508-801-7122
Email: fmezini@buyersbrokersonly.com

Needham, MA real estate buyer agent Femion Mezini

David Kres 

Office: North Andover, MA

Mobile: 978-317-7685


North Andover Buyer Agent Dave Kres

Matthew Cummings 
Office: Canton, MA / Mansfield, MA
Mobile: 508-404-8770
Email: mcummings@buyersbrokersonly.com

Mansfield, MA Realtor Matt Cummings

Jess Wagner 

Office: Belmont, MA


Email: jwagner@buyersbrokersonly.com

Belmont, MA buyer agent Jess Wagner

Andrew Sabourin 

Office: Tewksbury, MA / Winchester, MA

Mobile: 781-368-7181

Email: asabourin@buyersbrokersonly.com

Winchester, MA Realtor Andrew Sabourin

John Tedeman 

Office: Charlestown (Boston)

Mobile: 617-835-0698


Boston Realtor Jay Tedeman

Ariana Kushak

Office: Brookline, MA

Mobile: 617-290-5083

Email: akushak@buyersbrokersonly.com

Brookline, MA Realtor Ariana Kushak

Laura Lawson 
Office: Duxbury, MA
Mobile: 781-223-0585

Duxbury, MA Buyer Agent Laura Lawson

John W. O'Connor 

Office: Maynard, MA / Braintree, MA

Mobile: 617-794-7391


Maynard, MA Buyer Agent John W. O'Connor

Christine Smith

Office: Canton, MA

Mobile: 781-799-8313

Email: csmith@buyersbrokersonly.com

Canton, MA real estate buyer agent Christine Smith

John J. O'Connor 

Office: Braintree, MA



Braintree, MA Realtor John J. O'Connor


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